Managing Appliance Certificates and Private Keys

For MIMEsweeper Appliance to be able to use TLS, you must import the following items to your MIMEsweeper Appliance:

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  • You can use the same private key and signed certificate for both TLS client and TLS server communications, if you wish.

  • All certificates and keys must be in .PEM file format. For information on how to create or acquire certificates and keys, see Creating Private Keys, Certificates and CSRs.

  • MIMEsweeper Appliance includes a trial private key, signed certificate and CA signing certificate ready installed. You can use these to test TLS communications between the appliance and a test email server.

To import certificates and private keys:

  1. Place the certificates and private key .PEM files on a file system you can access from the MIMEsweeper Appliance Web Interface.

  2. From the System Center Home page, click SMTP Settings. The SMTP Settings page appears.

  3. Click Appliance Certificates and Private Keys to display the Appliance Certificates and Private Keys page.

  4. To import the CA signing certificate:

  1. To import the TLS server certificate and private key:

  1. To import the TLS client certificate and private key:

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  • When you import your CA signing certificate, MIMEsweeper Appliance automatically adds it to the Certificate Store.

  • When you are ready to begin using TLS, you must select the Use TLS Communications check box on the Appliance Certificates and Private Keys page.

  • If you change any Configuration settings other than system time you must apply the new configuration in order for the new settings to take effect. If the Appliances are configured as a group, any group changes should be applied to each Appliance.